Mull’s West coast

A day trip down the West coast of Mull

For our day trip we are going to take a drive along the coast from Calgary bay heading South to Knock.

Around every corner we encounter a new seascape and views out to the islands of Coll, Tiree, and the Treshnish islands. Keep a lookout for wildlife, its possible to see basking shark from the cliffs and eagle overhead.


Calgary is our first stop,
visitors can enjoy a visit to the tearoom and art gallery, its situated at the top of the hill above the beach.

There is a woodland walk with sculptures and lots of places that children love to discover and explore.

Calgary beach woodland walk

there is so much to see and explore here but lets get back on the road.

Eas Fors waterfall

It is situated by the road on the Allt an Eas Fors (Eas Fors Burn)

The name is tautologous: eas is Gaelic for waterfall, and fors or foss is also Norse for waterfall,[2] so “Eas Fors waterfall” means “waterfall, waterfall, waterfall.”


Ballygown Restaurant

Next stop are going to call in at Ballgown restaurant to make a reservation for dinner or maybe we will just stop and have lunch.

ballygown restaurant


Lip na Cloiche

Look out for Lip na Cloiche gardens situated by the road side, just down the road from Ballgown restaurant.


Lucy Mackenzie has made a wonderful garden which is open to the public

Golden eagle

Its quite possible to see Sea eagle all along this route, but in this particular area you are more likely to see golden eagle

Ulva Ferry and the isle of Ulva

Sunset from near Ulva Ferry

if your running late you may just be lucky enough to catch a sunset

ulva ferry

to summon the Ulva Ferry…

tea room on the isle of ulva

Sea eagle boat trips

sea eagle boat trips leave from Ulva ferry.

views of grin

Killiechronan Pony Trecking

Book a trip pony tracking from Killiechronan

Killiechronan Pony Trecking

guaranteed to put a smile on a wee girls face, stick her on a pony for an hour.