Isle of Mull Self Catering Holiday Home Sleeps 10

Penmore House

Penmore House offers modern facilities in a stone house full of character,
set in its own beautiful surroundings.

Red deer on the Isle of Mull

Where can I see Red Deer on the Isle of Mull ?

There are many places to see Red deer on Mull and its actually quite common to see them from your car as you drive around.

red dear by the road side on the isle of Mull

Sometimes, however, you can be lucky and they come to you, the photos of Red Deer featured here were photographed on the lawn of Penmore House Self Catering Holiday Home.

They visit the lawn every evening, ~ and why not, its the best grass around.

Red Deer on the lawn

Red deer are a common sight on the isle of Mull.

Its more common to see them in the winter on the roads and from the road when driving. Take care if you see one cross the road in front of you, there are usually 2 or 3 following behind.

Red Deer on the isle of Mull

They come down to lower pastures in October and hang around until May before heading up to higher ground again where they are less likely to be disturbed and to escape the flys and midges in the breeze.

In the rutting season they can be heard roaring their heads off outside and on the hills around the house.

Book a holiday at Penmore House and we will be able to send you out with a pretty good chance of seeing these magnificent beasts.

Red Deer young buck


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