The Isle of Mull is home to rare day flying burnet moths, our photo is of the common 6 spot burnet moth, there are also transparent and slender scotch burnet moths

Basking shark are commonly spotted from boat trips but they are often seen from the shore. Calgary bay is a good spot

Otter, this one was photographed in the harbour wall below the Mishnish hotel in Tobermory.




Adder easily identified by the diamond markings along its back keep clear they have a nasty bite.


Puffins on Treshnish islands


Basking shark in Langamull bay


Gannet off Caliach point.


Dolphin occasional visitors to Tobermory bay


Sea eagle on Treshnish


Scotch Argus butterfly



6 spot burnet


Pearl bordered fritillary


Sea eagle, everywhere



Sea eagle photo taken from a boat trip


Fallow deer at Knock


Otter photographed in Craignure, waiting for the ferry.


Grass snake


Red Deer on the lawn

Red deer on the lawn at Penmore.