Isle of Mull Self Catering Holiday Home Sleeps 10

Penmore House

Penmore House offers modern facilities in a stone house full of character,
set in its own beautiful surroundings.

Isle of Mull Wildlife

The Isle of Mull is a must visit destination for wildlife enthusiasts

The Isle of Mull is home to a rich flora and fauna. It’s one of the best places to see otters in the UK, we have even seen otter on the lawn at Penmore !  special birds here include hen harrier, red kite, occasional osprey. White-tailed are now pretty common and golden eagles less so. Look out for red-throated divers. Red deer are common, expect to see 30 – 40 on and evening drive home. There are fallow deer. Grey and common seals and a rich marine life occasional sighting of orca more common minke There are basking shark in the summer months. Plenty to draw in the keen naturalist.

The Isle of Mull is home to rare day flying burnet moths, our photo is of  transparent burnet there are also 6spot and slender scotch burnet moths


The hill behind Penmore House has several colonies of transparent burnet moths and 6 spot burnet moths

The wee loch behind Penmore House is home to many species of dragon fly.

Mull is home to grass snakes which are harmless and Adders which can bite if provoked

Basking shark are summer visitors, These huge harmless plankton eating fish are often see close to shore, gracefully swimming along feeding.

Sometimes we wonder who is watching who

Red Deer young buck

Red deer on the lawn outside the house

Photo contributions from Jim Spence, Zara Tivey and Anand Prasad.


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