A fun pastime during summer holidays by the sea is to spend some time catching crabs.

Our blogg looks at Crabbing on the isle of Mull

The Isle of Mull has many accessible beaches and an amazing rocky shoreline with lots of rock pools to explore.

langamul beach on the isle of Mull


What do you need to go crabbing ?

Do i need a net ?

crabbing net

Exploring rock pools with a wee net is great fun, and you will find small crabs, shrimps and wee fish.

but what about crabbing with a line ?…..
should you buy a crabbing line costing £1.25 ?
or make one using baler twin and an onion bag. ?

Which one works best ?

We undertake a scientific experiment to settle the discussion.


crabbing equipment

either head to the fishing tackle shop and buy a crabbing kit

~ or raid the rummage drawer for a length of string and and a wee orange, onion or garlic bag.

which system would come out tops ?
would years of crabbing experience win on the day.

This looks like a good spot,

Its Croig harbour, close to Penmore House Self Catering Holiday Home on the isle of Mull.

Bash up some welks and pop them into your bate bag.

Toss the line with attached bate bag into the sea…..
dangling the line off the pier also works very well.

We will be fishing for green crab or shore crab, we will not be eating them, however some people use them to make a fish stock for soup.

Our catch will be returned to the sea.

Is not long before the scream goes out

“I think I’ve caught one”

mmmm maybe this was going to be a tougher challenge than we thought.

before long, to squeals of joy and laughter more crabs are coming up on the lines, …. and…. escaping down into the cracks on the pier before we can get them into the bucket.

crab fishing

The results of our experiment.

Everyone was having so much fun, nobody can remember, nobody was counting. however both systems seem to work really well, so we will just have to return again another day and try again.

Remember to add seawater to your bucket and a bit of seaweed so the crabs have somewhere to hide from the sun. don’t keep them too long and return them to the sea when its time to go home.