Isle of Mull Self Catering Holiday Home Sleeps 10

Penmore House

Penmore House offers modern facilities in a stone house full of character,
set in its own beautiful surroundings.

Goat island is situated just out from Croig harbour

The island is accessible only on a very very low spring tide or by boat.


The island has a prominent memorial which reads

The Loving memory
of Leut Francis A,.G. Macnab
“of the Buffs”
Third son of Robert MacNab Esq
of Penmore
Who died of Malarian fever
at Shwebo upper Burma
on the 13th Nov 1901
in the 25th year of his age

This memorial has been erected by
his brother officers and sorrowing parents
here, in the midsts of the Northern seas and islands he loved so well


The island has no domesticated livestock, so no sheep or cattle or goats.

The wild landscape is very difficult to walk on with a network of runs and tunnels created by voles and otters.

goat island off croig Mull
goat island Croig Mull
macnab goat island memorial


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