Fresh shellfish Lobster, Crab, Oysters and Fish

Lobster and crab landing at Croig on the isle of Mull
Photographs from the the last landing of the year. a busy day.

Its Late December and fresh lobster and crab are being landed at Croig harbour on the Isle of Mull.

This is cold work especially on the fingers but many hands, good banter and a flask of coffee nearby keep spirits high.

Destined for markets in Spain, the shellfish travel by vivier tanker non stop to arrive fresh at the fish markets in North Spain.

The lobster and crab are kept alive and fresh traveling in tanks of water oxygenated with a bubbling air stream.

But not all of it goes to Spain, locals and visitors are welcome to watch the sorting out spectacle and buy the shell fish on the pier then take it home and cook it for themselves. Now thats fresh !

The owners of Penmore House Self Catering are Happy to organise a basket of fresh shell fish, lobster, crab and oysters for house guests.

‘We can even show you how to cook it’